Language Subject for Non-EU Students

An important part of preparing for a successful career in the hotel industry is the development of language skills. A graduate who is proficient in a second language (or more) will be well equipped to communicate effectively with international guests, colleagues and business partners. Please see some Q&A below to explain the language options available at Shannon College.

1. Which language will I study? 

Non-EU students are required to take English as their second language at Shannon College.

2. What if English is my first language or if I am fluent in English?

Non-EU students who are fluent in English will take Intercultural Communication as their language subject.

3. Can I study a European language (e.g. French, German or Spanish)? 

No. We do not start any language from beginners/basic level. Only students who have already been studying these languages for a number of years are able to continue their European language at Shannon College.

4. Where will I do my Year 2 work placement?

Non-EU students studying English or Intercultural Communication will complete their Year 2 placement in a hotel in Ireland.

5. Where will I do my Final Year Work Placement?

Most non-EU students will try to complete their final year placement in Ireland or another English speaking country (such as the US or Middle East locations).

6. What if I really want to learn another language?

Students are free to learn a third language in their free time. There are many options including night courses and online courses. Last year the language lecturers offered extra curricular classes of Beginners French and Beginners Portuguese at lunch time free of charge to students.