Partnership with Seychelles Tourism Academy

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Eleven senior lecturers from Shannon College are visiting the Seychelles Tourism Academy (STA) this week, as part of the first phase of a partnership with the academy. The partnership is the first of its kind for Shannon College of Hotel Management and will provide significant opportunities for the staff and students in both Shannon and the Seychelles. The tropical islands located in the Indian Ocean are renowned for their white sandy beaches and turquoise waters and have a dynamic and thriving tourism industry.

The Seychelles Tourism Academy plays a vital role in providing professionally educated graduates to work in the luxurious hotels and properties on the islands. The partnership will involve the validation of the STA’s diploma course in hotel management by Shannon College to ensure the diploma course meets the standards of the National University of Ireland. Following the validation process, STA students will have the opportunity to take on a bachelor degree at Shannon College after their diploma in the Seychelles.

Shannon College and STA Senior Staff Members
Shannon College and STA Senior Staff Members

The first phase of the partnership involves a team of 11 senior staff members from Shannon travelling to the Seychelles to complete the validation exercise and to provide guest lecturing. In the second phase, two senior staff members of STA will be based at Shannon College for over six months to experience and better understand the academic processes at university level.

The partnership also provides opportunities for Shannon students to gain valuable experience working in luxurious and exclusive hotels in the Seychelles during their summer break. This summer, 11 Shannon College students travelled to the Seychelles to work in properties such as the Four Seasons Resort, the Labriz Resort and Le Muria Hotel. The students will live and work in the Seychelles for 10 weeks before returning to Shannon College for their final year of studies.

For further information on the Seychelles as a travel destination please Click Here.


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